Yasmin Bodalbhai of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Partner, Career, Parents, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth

If I were to pick the most influential and successful journalist in the British Asian and Mainstream Media, Yasmin Bodalbhai would be my perfect choice. This is because she has excelled significantly by presenting stories that have won her awards in the UK Mainstream media, including the latest honor as the regional journalist of the year at the Asian Media Awards in 2021 and an RTS Media award.

For this reason, this article has gathered the most recent and reliable sources to cover the life journey and career experiences of one of the most successful Asian reporters in the British Asian and mainstream media. Scroll through this article to explore the life of Yasmin both personal and career aspects.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Biography

Yasmin is an ITV News reporter, who has spent most of her career life presenting and reporting news on a range of stories from the UK. One of her impactful stories was the investigation into the state of children’s mental health services. This program won national and regional RTS awards during her tenure at ITV Central.

Today, ITV News recognizes Yasmin as one of their top journalist for her work ethic, hard work, and determination. Most of her stories are exceptional and reflect on social issues in the UK. Therefore, people want to know Yasmin for her talent, drive, and innovation despite being underrepresented in most of her career journeys in the UK mainstream media.


Where is Yasmin Bodalbhai From?

Yasmin has worked in the UK for the entire journalism career. She also speaks English as her native language which reveals her British nationality. Her origin can also be linked to her Asian roots which contributed to her nomination in the British Asian media awards. She is therefore British with a hint of Asian roots based on her name and appearance on Asian awards.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Age & Birthday

Yasmin is a young journalist, who appears to be in her mid-30s. She is one of the few journalists who began their career at a young age, hence achieving enormous accomplishments in their early 30s. At her age, Yasmin is an award winner and a self-accomplished journalist at ITV News where she has served for the past 3 years.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Partner

Yasmin has maintained a secretive life on matters about her dating life and relationships. She is probably dating due to her charming beauty and career success but has yet to share her intimate life with the public. However, we continue to do thorough background checks to provide reliable and accurate information on Yasmin’s dating life. Keep reviewing and scrolling this page for updated information.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Career


Although the vast part of Yasmin’s career background is clear in her years at ITV Central, she also worked for different media networks in the early years of her career journey. She has worked with various Radio networks including STAR Radio, KL.FM 96.7, and Eagle Radio before making her TV appearance on ITV Central in 2016. She later moved to Midlands in 2021 as an ITV Midland reporter. In 2022 she became a full-time ITV News reporter where she reports main programs on air.



For the many years of her journalism career, Yasmin has achieved enormous rewards for her hard work. Her first significant achievement was completing her broadcast journalism course at the City, University of London. She also acquired her first media job at Eagle Radio as a breakfast broadcast journalist. Other achievements include the Asian Media Regional Journalist of the Year and the RTS Media Award. She is also privileged to work alongside other top journalists on ITV such as Ellie Pitt, a young industrious reporter for ITV Network since 2020.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Parents

Yasmin’s parents are not known to the public, but her work ethic and character reveal a proper parental background. Based on her career growth and achievements, we can conclude that her parents were loving, caring, and supportive.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Wikipedia

Yasmin has gained a massive following in the past years for her talents, drive, and innovation in journalism. Many people follow her for her intriguing news stories on issues related to social affairs around the UK. Through her news stories, she has won numerous awards that signify her successful journalism career at ITV News Network.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Salary & Net Worth

Yasmin earns a salary ranging from $30k to $70k, which is the salary of most top UK journalists based on our sources. For the many years of her career, she has probably accumulated a wealth of more than $1 million, including her houses, cars, and other material wealth.

Yasmin Bodalbhai Social Media

Twitter: @yasminbodalbhai

Instagram: yasminbodalbhai

Yasmin Bodalbhai Facts & Life Summary

  • Proficient in English, Arabic, and French languages.
  • Acquired her first job at Eagle Radio in Guildford, UK.
  • Studied in 6 different schools from 1993 to 2012.
  • Won the Regional Journalist of the Year award at the 2021 Asia Media Awards.

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