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Despite studying Law at the University, Sophie Elsworth didn’t give up on her dream of becoming a journalist. She still managed to become one of Australia’s most prominent journalists, having served major media networks in the country and appearing on major TV broadcasts. Her diverse journalistic skills and contribution to the Australian Media industry make her a center of interest for many of her audiences around Australia and other European regions.

Is She Married? How Old Is Els? Who are her Parents? These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sophie’s personal life. Therefore, this article has gathered the most recent and accurate sources to reveal the real life of Sophie, in and out of the media networks. Please scroll through the entire article and leave a comment to engage us with any unanswered queries regarding Sophie Elsworth.

Sophie Elsworth Biography

Sophie is a Media Writer for the Australian where she covers all the biggest issues facing the media industry in Australia. Apart from that, she also contributes to Sky News Australia, on key prime-time programs and the latest news feeds. Her dynamic journalistic skills, both in print media and live broadcasts have also enabled her to appear on major international TV channels including BBC and GB News where she has regularly showcased her professional media expertise on financial issues in the past years.

Where is Sophie Elsworth From?

Sophie grew up on a sheep farm in Central Victoria but currently lives in Melbourne. In her entire life, she has recognized Melbourne as her primary home, having lived there for the biggest part of her life. She also studied in Melbourne for her entire period of University education.  Her interesting background makes her Australian by nationality.


Sophie Elsworth Age & Birthday

Sophie is in middle age, considering that she began her career in 2001, which was the period of her youthful age. Her career experience also reveals she is old enough to exceed 40 years in the year 2024. Despite the uncertainty of her real age from our sources, we are instilling every effort to update her specific age on her upcoming birthdays.

Is Sophie Elsworth Married?

Sophie is more open to her career life than her dating life. Despite referring to the most updated and reliable sources, she has yet to reveal her intimate relationships to the public. Details of her husband will be revealed as soon as she opens up about her dating life. Keep reviewing this article for more updates concerning Sophie’s romantic relationships.

Sophie Elsworth Career


Elsworth completed her education in 2004, with a Bachelor of Law from  La Trobe University. Although she was a law student, she grew up with the dream of pursuing journalism as a career. Through her passion and determination, she landed her first gig as a copy kid at the Herald Sun in 2001. She did many different roles before acquiring her personal finance job at News Corp Australia. Most of her career experience is achieved in News Corp, where she served in different roles for 19 years.


At News Corp Australia, Sophie achieved a significant experience that supplements her media role today. She also acquired diverse media skills including finance, online journalism, storytelling editorial, news writing, and newspaper which are significant in her current role at the Australian and Sky News. Apart from that, Sophie is generally an industrious woman, a trait that makes her a top and reliable journalist across the Australian media networks. Get to know other top achievers in Australia media industry including Eliza Edwards of Channel 9.


Sophie Elsworth Wiki

Sophie is a full-time media writer for the Australian but also contributes to Sky News Australia with diverse topics. Her career success today, both as a writer and a broadcaster is linked to her experience through different roles at News Corp Australia which includes The Advertiser, The Courier Mail, and The Herald Sun. She also appears on TV programs and Radio interviews as a  part-time journalist. Her financial expertise is also an experience that makes her a fully competent and reliable journalist on any media platform across the country.

Sophie Elsworth Family

Although Sophie’s family is not mentioned on social media, our sources hint that her parents said that she was always inquisitive. She was raised by both her parents who always allowed her to read newspapers at a young age. We believe that her mother and father were supportive of her career and played a significant role in her journalism dream despite studying law at the University.

Sophie Elsworth’s Salary & Net Worth

Sophie earns a salary ranging from $60,000 to $ 100,000, based on the average yearly salary of journalists in Australia according to sources. In the more than 20 years of her career, she has probably accumulated a wealth accountable to more than $1 million inclusive of houses, cars, and other assets.

Sophie Elsworth Social Media

Twitter: @sophieelsworth

Sophie Elsworth Facts $ Bio Summary

  • Grew up on a sheep farm in Central Victoria.
  • Studied law and Arts but pursued her desire to become a journalist.
  • Worked at News Corp Australia for 19 years, the largest part of her journalism career.
  • She is an excellent financial expert.

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