Sejal Karia of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Nationality, Age & Birthday, Parents, Height & Weight, Career, Husband/Children, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Non-English women are marginalized in Britain’s mainstream media, but Sejal Karia has been fortunate to serve ITV News for over 13 years. The mother of two is passionate about journalism and always works hard to ignite ITV News viewers with the most trendy news across the UK and abroad. Through her recommendable journalism experience, many people want to know about her personal life.

Some of her most searched personal queries include nationality, heritage, age, husband, wiki, and many more. In that case, read through the entire article to explore Sejal, both in career and personal aspects. Also, leave a comment at the end of the article to engage us with any remarks or queries about our articles.

Sejal Karia Biography

Sejal is a reporter at ITV News, covering top and interesting stories across the UK and abroad. Having served the media network for over 13 years, she is well-experienced and engaging on live TV. These traits enable her to perform well in her area of interest in home and social affairs including security, crime, and education.

Where is Sejal Karia From?/Parents

Sejal origin is fully established from her Indian heritage through her parental background. She was born and raised to an Indian Mum, who died a few years ago. As of now, we can assume that Sejal shares both Indian and British nationality, considering her extended connection to the UK, in both her educational background and work.


Sejal Karia Height & Weight

Sejal is tall, at an estimated height of 5 feet 7 inches. By the look of her appearance, she has maintained an average body weight that hints at her healthy lifestyle.  Considering her age, she is in perfect shape and probably achieved her body weight goals. Precise body measurements will be updated shortly.

Sejal Karia Career/ITV News


Sejal acquired her education at Peterborough & St Margaret’s High School for Girls, an institution that influenced her career success today. Her debut journalism gig was at BBC News in 1996, where she served as a news reporter. Later in 2010, Sejal joined ITV News in a reporter role. Since then, she has gained an extended career experience at ITV News, where she is reliable for covering a wide range of news from the UK and abroad.


Sejal has achieved many things throughout her career. One of her big achievements is her current role at ITV News. For many years, Sejal has been working hard to become a competent journalist, as she is today. Also, she has gained a huge following in both real life and social media which are part of her motivation and support system. Sejal has also achieved many personal accolades including taking care of her children and living a stable lifestyle with her family.

Sejal Karia Age & Birthday

Sejal is middle-aged, approximately above 40 years old. At her age, she has managed to achieve huge success, including climbing the ranks of a high-profile journalist. She may not reveal her accurate birthdate to the public, but this article will instill further efforts to provide precise data.


Sejal Karia Wiki

Sejal’s journalism prowess at ITV News is linked to her educational background and career experience. She always worked towards becoming a journalist, a dream that has paid off in recent years. At ITV, she has covered some of the biggest stories including the stories on the so-called ‘Bedroom tax’ and most recently the story of little Ashya King who was taken to Spain by his parents following a row over his care with Southampton General Hospital.

Sejal Karia Husband & Children

Sejal has maintained a private life on matters concerning her love life, but she has two daughters. This is clear that she has established a family and fulfills her family responsibilities as a mum and wife. Details of her two daughters and her husband will be revealed shortly.

Sejal Karia Salary & Net Worth

Our recent sources reveal that ITV journalists earn up to $18k to $31k per year. Sejal probably earns a yearly salary above $30k, considering her experience and competence. Up to now, she might have accumulated a net worth of more than $1 million for the many years of her career, inclusive of cars, and houses, and other assets.

Sejal Karia Social Media

Instagram: sejkaria

Twitter: @SejalKaria

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Sejal Karia Facts & Bio Summary

  • Currently based in London.
  • Born to her Indian Mother.
  • ITV News reporter since 2010.
  • Mother of two daughters.

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