Rohit Kachroo of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age, Origin, Career, Wife, Parents/Mother, Illness, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

When we look into the lives of high-profile journalists, Rohit Kachroo qualifies for the mention in every journalistic aspect. The chap has managed to travel and cover news from some of the world’s dangerous war zones and spots for over 10 years. Through these impressive efforts and talents, Rohit has achieved huge accolades from the UK mainstream media society.

On that note, we have made it our priority to dig into the interesting life of Rohit and reveal to the public his private life. He is a secretive man, but this article leaves no stone unturned for the interest of our audience. Please scroll through the entire article and leave a comment to engage with us on any remarks or queries about our website.

Rohit Kachroo Biography

Rohit works at ITV News as a global security editor. He acquired the role in 2020 after gathering huge experience in various roles such as Africa Correspondent, UK Editor, and security editor. At ITV News, Rohiot delivers on the security stories that shape our world today. He is known to report news from dangerous war zones and spots including the recent Russian-Ukraine war.

Where is Rohit Kachroo From?

Rohit grew up in Great Barr, which is to the northwest of Birmingham, England. Birmingham is his home place as he has studied and lived in the region for the larger part of his life. Rohit has also lived in Johannesburg when he was an African correspondent for the ITV News. Ethnically, Rohit shares both Indian and African heritage from his Indian Dad and Jamaican Mum.


Rohit Kachroo Age & Birthday

Rohit is in his late 30s or early 40s considering his career milestone. His many years of journalism career reveal that he deserves every accomplishment he has achieved in life. At his age, he has traveled to more places than most journalists in the UK mainstream media. His energy on TV reveals that he is still young and will continue to air events on security issues. Soon, he will celebrate his birthday, which will be updated for you.

Rohit Kachroo Career


In his career background, Rohit attended school at Great Barr before progressing to higher education at the University of Birmingham. Later, he started his career in regional news as a reporter for ITV Central. Here, he gathered a reporting experience that earned him a role as ITV News Midlands reporter before becoming a crime Africa correspondent in 2010. After four years in Africa, he was appointed as UK Editor. To date, Rohit has been an ITV News editor, on global security issues since 2014.


Most of Rohit’s achievements are connected to his talents and determination in journalism. One of his great achievements is his career success from a great Barr schoolboy to a top reporter in a mainstream media network. He has also achieved major awards for his stories which include the Coveted Journalist of the Year award in 2010. While in Africa, Rohit also served ITV with top stories such as the death of Mandela, ¬†an exclusive interview with Robert Mugabe on the eve of the Zimbabwean elections, and many more coverages that earned him a great rank at the ITV News.

Is Rohit Kachroo Married?

Rohit is presumably married and having children by now. However, he has detached his marital life away from the public, which hinders us from revealing details of his wife or children. This information will probably be available by the time of his next birthday or other future events.


Rohit Kachroo Parents/Mother

Rohit parents are typical products of Birmingham City, where he spent his childhood period with his elder brother. His father is Indian and studied physics in Germany. Today, he owns an Indian restaurant in Berlin. On the other hand, his mother is Jamaican and has catering skills that have sustained her in the past years. On March 14, 2021, Rohit posted his childhood photo on Instagram alongside his mother and brother, who unlike him was always science-minded.

Rohit Kachroo Wiki & Illness

Rohit was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when he was 25 years old, but this didn’t ruin his career goals. He has climbed through the ranks from a local reporter to a correspondent from far regions of the world. ITV is quite entitled to acquire the services of passionate and talented journalists such as Rohit. Despite the many years of illness, he still portrays positive energy when covering news.

Rohit Kachroo Salary & Net Worth

According to sources, ITV journalists earn a salary ranging from $50k annually. Rohit probably earns more than $68k, considering his extensive experience and services at ITV News. With such a payslip, he has probably accumulated a wealth of more than $1 million for the many years of his career.

Rohit Kachroo Social Media

Instagram: rohitkachrooitv

Twitter: @RohitKachrooITV

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Rohit Kachroo Facts & Bio Summary

  • Grew up in Great Barr, Birmingham.
  • Was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at age 25 years old.
  • Share a heritage from Indian Dad and Jamaican Mum.
  • Won Specialist Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society Journalism Awards.
  • Reports on security stories at ITV News.

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