Rhiannon Mills (Royal Correspondent at Sky News) Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Husband, Baby, Parents & Family, Origin, Career, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

For most of us, getting close to any of the royal households is out of the question. Nonetheless, Rhiannon Mills spends her daily career life delivering exclusive stories and breaking news on every royal family member. The lady is living her best life, by attending royal events and traveling widely with the royals. This side of her makes her private life not only interesting but also inquisitive to many people.

As a result, this article has gathered the most recent and accurate intel to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Rhiannon. Please make sure to read through the entire article, to explore Rhiannon’s personal life including her dating life, age, wiki, net worth, baby, family, and many more. Further, leave a comment, for any undetermined fact or detail regarding Rhiannon Mills’ private life.

Rhiannon Mills Biography

Rhiannon is a Sky News Royal correspondent, delivering stories and breaking news about the royal family. She acquired the role in 2015, having served Sky News as a general reporter since 2010. She is therefore competent and reliable in her journalism work as her stories are mostly on the top trends in the UK mainstream media. Some of her areas of focus are anything on royal household including birthdays, marriages, burial ceremonies, tours, and many more.

Where is Rhiannon Mills From?

For her entire life, Rhiannon is known to live in London, UK, a place that she has recognized as home for the past years. Although she travels to various places such as Japan, India, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia for royal tours, she is a proud English woman, having acquired British nationality by birth.


Rhiannon Mills Age & Birthday

Rhiannon is currently 44 years old, having been born on December 10, 1979. At her age, we can presume that she has accomplished quite a significant milestone by gathering more than 20 years of experience in the media industry. Also, she lives in her 40s by traveling around the world and attending some of the most flamboyant events for the royals. Apart from that, she celebrates her birthdays on December 10 every calendar year alongside her close friends and family.

Rhiannon Mills Career


Before her breakthrough to Sky News, Rhiannon worked for a range of local and international media organizations. Some of her previous media roles include ITV, BBC Regional TV, and Commercial Radio Stations. She also appeared occasionally on various media networks such as Fox News, Sky News Australia, Radio Northenmton, and Heart FM. Considering these past roles, her current journalism success is hugely connected to her experience in the past.


Rhiannon’s current role at Sky News is probably one of her greatest achievements in life. This is because she won the RTS award in 2019 and also has conducted interviews that have made news around the world with some of the greatest royals including Prince Harry and Prince William. She has also played a major role in every significant royal event since 2015.

Rhiannon Mills Husband/Baby

Although Rhiannon was previously married, she has moved on with her current lover and father to her baby boy Alwyn, Andrew Parsons. They both share work responsibilities and meet occasionally during work since Andrew is a Royal photographer, political photographer to the prime minister, and director of Parsons Media. Andrew, 49 years old, who was previously married to writer Karen Atrtwood, has expressed much excitement on Instagram about dating and sharing parental responsibility with Rhiannon. Further progress of their love affair will be updated as soon as new rumors emerge.


Rhiannon Mills Parents & Family

Rhiannon’s dad, Nigel Mills is a private man and hardly shares his personal life events with the public. Her mother is also lowkey and lives a private life with other Mills family members. As of now, Rhiannon’s career success is closely tied to the support of her parents as she aspired to become a journalist at a young age. More of her parent’s details will be revealed shortly.

Rhiannon Mills Salary & Net Worth

A Sky News reporter earns a salary ranging from $34 to $36k per year based on our sources. Considering this data, we can presume that Rhiannon earns a slightly higher income considering her extensive experience and expertise in the Royal niche. As of now, she might have accumulated a wealth of more than $1 million inclusive of cars, houses, traveling expenditures, and assets.

Rhiannon Mills Social Media

Instagram: rhiannonemills

Twitter: @SkyRhiannon

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Rhiannon Mills Facts & Bio Summary

  • She has been a Royal Correspondent at Sky News since 2015.
  • Lover to Andrew Parson, a photographer, and father to her baby boy Alwyn.
  • She is 44 years old in 2024.

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