Rebecca Barry of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Partner, Career, Parents, Family, Origin, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

When we refer to experience, it should be a milestone that resembles Rebecca Barry’s career journey. This is because she is one of the few UK journalists who has acquired journalism experience from more than six major media networks in both Radio & TV. Through her career, we intend to reveal some of the most interesting facts about her personal life and career journey.

That being so, this article has incorporated some of the most reliable and recent sources to reveal the career and personal life of Rebecca, on and off the cameras. As you scroll through the article, leave a comment to engage us with any undetermined query or claim about Rebecca’s Bio, personal life, dating life, net worth, or career journey.

Rebecca Barry Biography

Mrs. Barry is a correspondent for ITV News in London, UK. Having served ITV Media in different roles since 2017, she is currently one of the most experienced female journalists in the media network. As a correspondent, she is reliable for covering major national and international stories. Other of her experiences at ITV News include reporting local trending news on health and social affairs.

Where is Rebecca Barry From?

Mrs. Barry is based in London, UK. She has lived and studied in the UK for most of her life, which makes her British by nationality. Her childhood is not revealed on social media, but her career journey hints that she was raised in the UK. View the origin of her parents as you scroll through the entire article.


Rebecca Barry Age & Birthday

Mrs. Barry is middle aged like most female journalists on ITV News. At her age, she has accomplished most of her life goals by serving some of the UK’s mainstream media networks. Mrs. Barry’s pictures also hint that she lives a healthy lifestyle, which aligns with her elegance and beauty as a middle-aged woman.

Rebecca Barry Career


Mrs. Barry graduated from the University of Arts London with a Diploma in broadcast journalism. She also attended the University of Leeds for her English degree. After a successful educational journey, she acquired her first job at Metro Radio in 2004 as a reporter.  She worked through different media networks including BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC South East Today, BBC News, and 5 News before achieving her current role at ITV News.


Mrs. Barry has achieved significant experience that continues to supplement her journalism career. Through her different roles on both Radio and TV, she is dynamic and can report news from around the world. As a woman, she is also self-empowered which makes her a suitable employee at the ITV News. Other of her achievements include promotion to a  general correspondent, after serving ITV as a reporter since 2017.

Rebecca Barry Wiki

Mrs. Barry is hugely followed due to her dynamic journalistic skills that help her ignite the media audience with trending stories both locally and internationally. Her competence as an ITV top female journalist is linked to her experience and successful educational background. Her news ignites her audience, which also triggers a massive interest in her personal life and career. Also get to know Sophie Elsworth, an equally empowered female journalist from Australia.


Is Rebecca Barry Married?

Mrs. Barry lives a private life, unlike many public figures who expose their off-screen lives on social media platforms. This kind of life hinders us from gathering any intel regarding her husband’s identity or marital status. Nevertheless, we intend to update this information as soon as she mentions her boyfriend or husband for the public interest.

Rebecca Barry Parents & Family

Based on her work ethic, Mrs. Barry was probably raised in a perfect family where the parents were committed to their parental roles. Her parents may not be mentioned anywhere in our sources, but through her, we can see that they were loving and caring parents. Besides her successful journalism career, she is a self-disciplined and personable woman.

Rebecca Barry’s Salary & Net Worth

Mrs. Barry earns a salary ranging from $30k to $80k, the average salary of most UK journalists based on our sources. Since making her journalism career debut in 2004, she has probably accumulated a wealth of more than $1 million including houses, cars, and other assets.

Rebecca Barry Social Media

Twitter: @BeccaBarry

Rebecca Barry Facts & Bio Summary

  • She grew up in the UK.
  • Made her journalism career debut in 2004 at Metro Radio.
  • Was promoted to a general correspondent for ITV News in 2018.
  • She has a successful life in both her career and personal life.
  • Her success in journalism is entirely tied to her educational background and work experience.

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