Rachel Younger of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age, Origin, Height & Weight, Career, Partner, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth

Serving ITV News is a great deal for almost every UK journalist. Even though many never reach the goal, Rachel Younger is one of the few female reporters who went for it and proved valuable to the media network. Behind her current milestone, Rachel lives a compelling private life, that can only be revealed in this article.

On that account, read carefully through the entire article to explore Rachel’s life, both on-screen and off the screens. She may be quite secretive but the information in this article is recent and accurate, to satisfy our reader’s inquisitiveness. Also, leave a comment at the end of the article, to engage with us on any remarks regarding our work.

Rachel Younger Biography

Rachel is an ITV News correspondent, where she covers every topic from the UK to the larger Europe. She joined the ITV News network in 2015, having acquired extensive Radio and TV experience in recognizable media networks such as Sky News, Channel 4, and BBC Radio broadcasts. Some of her areas of coverage include foreign news, health issues, political stories, social affairs, and other trending topics from the UK and Europe.

Where is Rachel Younger From?

Rachel is based in London, UK, where she has lived and worked for the largest part of her life. Her appearance on TV reveals that she has embraced the British culture as part of her heritage. This includes her English proficiency and classic British style, which also indicate her British nationality and ethnic background.


Rachel Younger Age

Rachel is middle-aged, considering that she completed her college education in  1994. Also, she holds extensive school and working experience that approximately accounts for more than 40 years of age in 2024.  Additionally, Rachel is at the right moment in her career as she has achieved significant success in the past two decades. Shortly, we shall manage to reveal her precise age as she grows more popular.

Rachel Younger Career


When it comes to career background, Rachel’s success is tied to her educational achievements. She got her education at Hertfordshire State School and later moved to Cambridge University in 1991. Her last school was the University of Central England, an institution that equipped her with journalism skills. After school, she started working at a local Radio at the BBC in Essex and since then, she has climbed through different ranks from being a Channel 4 correspondent, and Sky News Correspondent to her current correspondent role at ITV News.


As far as Rachel appears effortless on TV, her journey through school and career is equally tricky as that of many top journalists.  Accordingly, her greatest achievement must be climbing the ranks from Radio to TV, and also winning an award for a television journalist.  She has also acquired a great deal of skills through her experience such as TV, broadcasting, and breaking news, which ensures her competency.

Rachel Younger Wiki

At ITV, Rachel is a  regular face due to her flexibility in covering everything from Climate to COVID-19, Social to Political Affairs, Sports, Health, and Technology. She fits in almost every niche due to her talents, passion, and determination to learn new things. She is therefore a popular person internationally and plays an important part in alleviating ITV Media to a spotlight in the media world. Also, she is entitled to work alongside other top female journalists at ITV News such as Rebecca Barry.


Rachel Younger Height & Weight

Rachel is tall, at an approximate measurement of 5 feet 8 inches. Her height measurement might change with time, but we always ensure to keep our audience updated on any fluid details. As many people struggle with weight, Rachel appears to have maintained a healthy weight which reveals her healthy lifestyle. Her outstanding confidence on TV is most likely embedded in her appropriate body size and weight.

Is Rachel Younger Married?

Rachel’s marital status and dating life are under review because of her secretive personality. She is more comfortable and effective by separating her career publicity from her private life. Nonetheless, Rachel’s private life is our top interest and we shall continue digging for more information regarding her dating life. Revisit this article for updated information shortly.

Rachel Younger’s Salary & Net Worth

According to sources, ITV journalists earn a salary ranging from $26k for all roles outside London. On that account, Rachel probably earns more than $30k considering her experience and flexibility as a correspondent for the media network.  At this point, she has probably accumulated a fair wealth ranging from $1 million, inclusive of her assets.

Rachel Younger Social Media

Twitter: @rachyoungeritv

LinkedIn: Rachel younger

Rachel Younger Facts & Bio Summary

  • She became an ITV journalist in Jan 2015.
  • She holds more than 20 years of journalism experience since she completed school in 1996.
  • Appears regularly on ITV to cover a range of stories from politics, social affairs, and breaking news to health issues.
  • Graduated from the University of Central London.
  • She is an award-winning journalist.

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