Milena Veselinovic of Sky News Bio, Age, Nationality, Accent, Wiki, Husband, Career, Height & Weight, Parents, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Viewers are always allured by journalists who portray confidence and energy on the screens. Milena Veselinovic is an example of a female reporter who never gets off on the wrong foot. She is always ready,  a skill that has triggered massive digging into her private life by followers and viewers.

That being so, this article gathers the most reliable and recent sources to reveal the life of Milena, on and off cameras. She is a hardworking and self-disciplined reporter on-camera but free and natural off-cameras. Read through the entire article to explore Milena’s on all aspects. Also, get to understand why she prefers to keep her life private, unlike most celebrity reporters.

Milena Veselinovic Biography

Milena is a journalist and reporter for Sky News in London, UK. She is reliable for reporting the biggest UK and international stories. Since joining the Sky in September 2020, Milena always delivered trendy and concerning issues to the public. She is part of a news team that is dedicated to progressing the reputation of Sky News Media Company to higher standards.

Milena Veselinovic Nationality & Accent

Milena hails from Belgrade, Serbia but lives in London. One of her key strengths as a journalist is her multilinguistic skills in English, French, Spanish, Serbian, and Italian. Of all these languages, Serbian and English are her native languages which reveals her Serbian accent.  She hence shares the Serbian and British nationality based on her Serbian heritage and UK career life.

Milena Veselinovic Wiki

Milena’s current role at the Sky is linked to her experience in her journalism career. She previously worked for CNN, a major media network before joining Sky News. Although her role has changed, she still portrays the same energy, confidence, and passion at the Sky. She has covered some historical events such as the death of the queen, the Isreal-Hammers war, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Old is Milena Veselinovic?

Milena is in her 30s, an estimation determined by her appearance and career milestones. Her energy on the screen also reveals that she is young and has a long way to go in her journalism career. There are many top female journalists in her age range but very few match her accomplishments. Her accurate age is under review to keep you informed and updated.

Milena Veselinovic Career


Milena acquired her education from the Royal College of Music and Press Association where she pursued her journalism course. After school, she first worked as a professional concert pianist and performed across the globe. Later, she began her journalism career as a print reporter. She also worked as a senior foreign news editor for NBC News in London before moving to CNN. At CNN, she is known to have acquired the longest carer experience of 7 years as a producer and digital analyst. She joined Sky News in 2020.


One of Milena’s great achievements is working for CNN, an international media network. Her role there is described through the many awards she won, including the Alfred I. duPont Columbia Award for the investigation into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul. Also, at NBC News, she was nominated for an Emmy for the coverage of the Brussels attack.

Is Milena Veselinovic Married?

Milena’s husband is not known to the public, due to her secretive lifestyle. She is one of the few women who avoids publicity despite regular appearances on live broadcasts. However, we are sure that her marital status and dating life will be available shortly. Read further for more interesting facts about Milena’s personal life and career.

Milena Veselinovic Height & Weight

Milena is 5 feet 7 inches tall, based on an estimated physical appearance. Her social media photos also reveal that she maintains a healthy lifestyle that makes her elegant and maintains an average body size and shape.  Based on her body appearance, she is a healthy and elegant young woman.

Milena Veselinovic Parents

Milena has maintained a private life on her parental background and family matters. She doesn’t mention or reveal details of any of her parents to the public. As a public figure, this information is private and can only be available when she reveals it to the public. Other of her family members are also not available at the time of this article.

Milena Veselinovic Salary & Net Worth

According to sources, Sky News reporters earn approximately $19k per year. Milena probably earns more than this figure, considering her experience and multilinguistic skills. She is a top earner, who probably accounts for more than $1 million of wealth in the many years of her career.

Milena Veselinovic Social Media

Twitter: @M_Veselinovic

Linkedin: Milena Veselinovic

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Milena Veselinovic Facts & Bio Summary

  • Born in Serbia but lives in London.
  • Serves Sky News Media since 2020.
  • Worked at CNN for 7 years.
  • Reports on local and International stories.

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