Mhari Aurora of Sky News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Parents Nationality, Partner, Career, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Mhari Aurora appears happy and satisfied with her life and career achievements from her live broadcasts and social media. Her Journalism job is her greatest accomplishment, having invested massive resources to achieve her credentials in the course. Were it not for the Yahoo News Scholarship, Mhari’s journalism career would never be the same. Therefore, she is not only a top journalist but also a determined and persistent young woman.

Many people want to know Mhari due to her outstanding career journey, impact, and significance at Sky News, both on political and business grounds. People are also stunned by Mhari due to her immense contribution to the early rundown breakfast show on Sky News. Comprehensively, this article covers the personal life and career journey of Mhari, including some of the most asked questions about her personal life.

Mhari Aurora Biography

Mhari is a political and business correspondent for Sky News, where she focuses on the Early Rundown Breakfast Show. The early morning show is a center of interest for many viewers around the UK as it covers important and trending stories on politics and business. In the show, Mhari is recognized as a hardworking and passionate woman, having contributed to its growth since her debut appearance in May 2022. Mhari also ignites her viewers with the latest twists and turns direct from Westminster Studio.

Where is Mhari Aurora From? (Origin)

Mhari is based in London, UK, where she has worked for the biggest part of her life. Her English proficiency and education background is clear that she has spent a considerable amount of time in the UK. Apart from that, she has a black ethic background which is clearly from her parents heritage. Scroll through the entire article to get to know her parents nationality and other important details.


Mhari Aurora Age & Birthday

Mhari is 28 years old, having been born on October 19, 1995. She has achieved huge success at a young age, which reveal alot about her passion, hardwork and commitment in her career. Clearly, Mhari has many years to live her dream and achieve everything she ever desired in life. She celebrates her birthday every calendar year on October 19.

Mhari Aurora Partner

Mhari is married to her longtime boyfriend, Jay Phelps. The two tied knots on June in a colorful wedding, where the groom wore a kilt and the bride a stunning dress. Generally, Jay is an artist with talents in trumpet, recording, DJ and music. Mhari and Jay has been engaged for many years but tied knots in June, 2023.

Mhari Aurora Parents Nationality

Mhari mum, Lesley was born in Dundee in the month of February. She lives in Birmingham where she works as a photographer. Just like Mhari, Lesley is obsessed with cameras and spends her free time travelling and taking pictures. Mhari’s black ethnic roots are probably linked to her African Dad, who is hardly mentioned on social media. Her Mum is however British, having been born in the UK and living in the UK where Mhari was raised alongside her siblings.

Mhari Aurora Career

Background & Education

Mhari acquired her education at the University of Warwick, where she studied theatre and performance. in 2020, she acquired a gold standard NCTJ multimedia journalism. Mhari worked extremelky hard to find her way in journalism, until she was awarded a scholkarship by Yahoo. She worked as a freelance journalist anda Red Box reporter before joining Sky News for her full-time journalism role. Today, she is a full-time reporter and presenter for the eraly breakfast show at 6am.



Mhari is a self-accomplioshed journalist, having passed through many hardships to achieve her career success. The Sky News breakfast show is more igniting and interesting due to the competence of Mhari as the fulltime presenter and reporter. She has also acquired diverse skills in communication, leadership and team-working that are essential for her career success. Izabella Staskowski of 9 News, has equally achieved much accomplishments.

Mhari Aurora Wiki

Mhari journalism career is based on her education background and talents. She is eloquent and expressive which makes her fit in her role as a reporter. She also studied art and performance, skills that enhance her creativity in the media career. After working for various major media networks, some of her prominent stories include Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and Partygate and many other political stories.

Mhari Aurora Salary & Net Worth

According to sources, Sky News journalists earns an opproximate salary of $3,700 per week. Mhari probably earn around $20k per month considering her experience and efficiency in the early breakfast show. For the many years of her career, she has probably accumulated more than $1 million wealth including her cars, houses and other properties.

Mhari Aurora Social Media

Twitter: @MhariAurora

Instagram: @skymhariaurora

Mhari Aurora Facts & Life Summary

  • Married to a musical celebrity, Jay Phelp.
  • Completed her education in 2020, with a Gold Standard achievement.
  • She has African heritage, tied to her fathers origin.
  • She was born in Birmingham in 1995.
  • Works at Sky News in the Early Breakfast Show from 6am.

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