Martin Stew of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Career, Wife/Daughters, Height & Weight, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Award-winning reporter, Martin Stew might be on the list of ITV’s most dedicated journalists, but he never skips his parental role. The Dad of two girls always imparts every effort to fulfill his parental role and still stay vital in his journalism occupation. The chap must be an expert in switching sides, a skill that makes him perfect in all facets.

In that case, we have gathered the most reliable and accurate sources to write a complete biography about Martin. Make sure to read through the entire article to understand how Martin manages to balance his work duties and family responsibilities. Also, please get to know more about his private life including marriage, wife, age, origin, his daughter’s birthdays, and many more.

Martin Stew Biography

Martin is an ITV News Health and Science correspondent. He acquired the role in 2023 after 4 years of service as a political correspondent. Martin’s milestone is also notable through his weatherman role at ITN between 2012 and 2019. Currently, he is reliable at ITV News, covering a huge range of stories across all platforms.

Where is Martin Stew From?

In the larger part of his life, Martin has recognized the UK as his home and country. The man might have traveled places, but he always finds his way back to London. Notably, he acquired his education in the UK schools and worked in the same country for his entire career life.


Martin Stew Age

Martin appears to be in his 40s, based on an estimation point of view. At his age, he has achieved significant success, especially by climbing the ranks to a top journalist, in one of the UK’s mainstream media networks. He has also achieved a recognizable milestone by raising two beautiful daughters to their current age.

Martin Stew Career

Background/ITV News

Martin studied government and politics course at the University of Nottingham. After graduating in 2005, he immediately acquired his first journalism job at ITV in Cambridge. He worked for 6 years and later acquired a different job at ITN as the weather presenter and correspondent. In 2019, he was enrolled as a political correspondent in London. Martin has served the ITV Company for a long time, an experience that rewarded him with the role of health and science correspondent.


Martin has achieved significant growth throughout his entire life. Careerwise, he is a top journalist in one of the UK’s major media networks. Also, he has worked for TV for more than 14 years and won awards for his journalistic expertise. Martin is also a Dad, an achievement that he considers important to his life. His joy as a Dad is noticeable in his Instagram timeline.

Martin Stew’s Wife/Daughters

Martin is happily married as noticeable on his Instagram timeline. He enjoys every aspect of his family as he spends ample time with his two daughters based on his social media platforms. His wife’s details are not available as he hardly reveals her to the public. On March 2018, women’s Day, he only posted Alice and her sister on Instagram and didn’t tag his wife.


Martin Stew Wiki

Martins’s ITV career success is mostly influenced by his experience and multiple skills. He has worked on TV for over 14 years, serving ITV Media the entire time. His multiple skills in editing, live broadcast, camera, and journalism has enabled him to maintain a desirable reputation at the media network. Climbing the ranks from a reporter to a correspondent is a token of his successful career.

Martin Stew Height & Weight

Martin’s body measurements are not revealed but we can estimate him to be 5 feet 7 inches tall. Another feature to notice is his average weight, which indicates he maintains a healthy lifestyle. Precise figures of his body measurements will be updated shortly.

Martin Stew Salary & Net Worth

The salary of ITV journalists ranges from $31k per year based on our sources. Martin is likely to earn more than this amount considering his 14 years of experience on TV. As of now, he has probably accumulated a wealth of more than $1 million, inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Martin Stew Social Media

Instagram: weather_gram

Twitter: @MartinStewITV

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Martin Stew Facts & Bio Summary

  • Serves ITV as a health and science correspondent since 2023.
  • Award-winning reporter, journalist, and broadcaster who has worked in TV news since 2006.
  • Based in London, UK.
  • Dad of two girls.

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