Lara Vella of 9 News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Career, Husband, Baby, Parents, Sister, Height & Weight, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Journalists hardly apply their comic side on a live camera or TV set. However, Lara Vella never skips a TV day, without leaving her audience and viewers in stitches. The blonde has always ignited the viewers with unique journalistic skills since she began her journalism career at Today Show on 9 News. Apart from that, she is a pet lover, a personality that makes her even more distinctive from other Australian top female journalists.

In that case, read through this article to get to know Lara personally, including how she lives her private life, her relationship with her sisters, her dating life, age, birthday, children, social media, and many more. Further, leave a comment to engage us with any undetermined information about Lara’s private and career life at Channel 9 and other media outlets.

Lara Vella Biography

Lara is a Today Correspondent at 9 News, where she covers everything from state elections, gangland shootings, natural disasters, royal tours, and any other trending news. She joined 9 News in 2014 and has worked through various roles such as 6 pm news lineup, regular fill-in newsreader, reporter on Weekend Today, and current Today Correspondent since 2016.

Where is Lara Vella From?

Lara is Australian, judging by her educational background and career experience. For her entire career, Lara has focussed on representing Australia as she mostly reports on stories from Sydney and other Australian regions. Her parents and family members are also from Australia.


Lara Vella Age & Birthday

Lara is in her late 30s as of now. At her age, she is successful and even entitled to serve one of the major media outlets in Australia. She has even appeared in various award ceremonies, revealing huge growth in her career. She has not yet revealed her birthday to the public, but her precise data regarding date and year of birth will be updated soon in this article.

Lara Vella Career


Lara’s journalism career journey began at the University of Notre Dame Australia where she studied Bachelor of Communications. In 2015, she completed her Master’s at the University of Sydney for a Law course before starting her media career at Sky News. She served the media network for 4 years before climbing her way to Channel 9 as a reporter & producer in 2014. After two years, she became a Today correspondent until now.


One of Lara’s greatest career achievements is serving Channel Nine as Today’s Correspondent. For many years, she sh trained to become a competent and reliable journalist as she is today at Nine News. Her humor and comic scenes ignite the viewers and make her a favorite journalist to many Australians. At 9 News, she mostly focuses on stories surrounding the greater Sydney region and other parts of Australia.

Lara Vella Husband & Baby

Lara might be famous, but her husband is not known to the public. She is one of the few female high-profile journalists who has maintained a secretive life on matters concerning their love affairs. Her husband is thus not known but judging by her Instagram, she has a child, whose details are also not revealed. Also, she had a Bunny Pet, Dave Bunny, who died in 2020. Dave was notified as an important member of the family through her Instagram timeline. Please revisit this article as more information will be available shortly.


Lara Vella’s Parents & Sister

Lara was raised by a single Mum, who instilled every effort to ensure that she achieved her dream as a journalist. Her Mum, whom she referred to as the best Mum on Mother’s Day, provided support and care until Lara became a professional journalist. She may not reveal her details to the public but she is happy and proud of her Mum for raising her single-handedly. Lara doesn’t have a sister but she a pet lover like Sharnelle Vella, an Australian reporter.

Lara Vella Height & Weight

Lara is moderately tall, at an estimated height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is not specific, but judging by her recent photos, she has maintained a healthy lifestyle that provides her with an average weight. Her confidence on live TV is also likely linked to her suitable body weight and size.

Lara Vella Salary & Net Worth

The average salary of Australian journalists ranges between $60 and &75k based on our sources. Lara probably earns higher than the average salary, considering her experience and ranks in the media network. Since she joined 9 News in 2014, she has probably accumulated more than $1 million in wealth, inclusive of cars, houses, and assets.

Lara Vella Social Media

Instagram: vella_lara

Twitter: @vella_lara

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Lara Vella Facts & Bio Summary

  • She was born in the 1980s, to a single Mum.
  • She is a pet lover and had a bunny pet, known as Dave.
  • She joined Nine News in 2014, as a producer but became a correspondent in 2016.
  • She is a Mum to one child.

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