Jonathan Kearsley of 9 News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Career, Height & Weight, Wife, Children, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Nine News Network is currently a top-ranked Australian media outlet due to the presence of hardworking, passionate, and committed journalists. One of their reliable journalist, Jonathan Kearsley, is a key person of interest on our website for the fact that he has climbed the ranks from an ordinary journalist to a US correspondent in 12 years. As of this post, the industrious man is in the 3rd year of his correspondent role but he has already achieved huge accomplishments and even revealed positive signs of climbing higher journalism ranks in the future.

In that case, this article has incorporated the most recent and reliable sources to uncover the personal life and interesting facts about Jonathan. Also, get to explore some of the most asked questions about Jonathan including dating life, children, family, age, birthday, and many more.  Further, leave a comment to engage us on any undetermined information from our website.

Jonathan Kearsley Biography

Jonathan is a US correspondent at Nine News based in Los Angeles, California, United States. He moved to the United States in 2022, after serving the media network as a federal politics reporter from Canberra. In the US, Jonathan delivers news related to a wide range of social and political issues. He is more focused on politics and keeps his audience informed about the political trending topics from California.

Where is Jonathan Kearsley From?

Jonathan is from Australia, where he has lived for the entire part of his life. He also acquired his education from Australian schools, which reveals his Australian heritage. Apart from that, Jonathan has also traveled to different places through his media career including the United States, where he is currently located. Jonathan is also proficient in both English and Chinese languages.


Jonathan Kearsley Age & Birthday

Jonathan is middle-aged, considering his extensive experience in the media career. His real age may not be precise, but we can confirm that Jonathan is old enough to own his current accomplishments in the media career. Considering his short bio, he has worked so hard and invested a large amount of time to reach his current milestone. Specific data on his age and birthday will be updated shortly.

Jonathan Kearsley Career


Jonathan began his journalism career at Deakin University, where he studied Bachelor of Arts. In 2009, he acquired his first job at BBC News as a journalist. Later in 2011, he joined WIN Television for almost 1 year before moving to Nine News. He has served Nine News since 2011, through various roles including as a journalist, federal politics reporter, and currently US correspondent.


One of Jonathan’s greatest career achievements is making his TV debut at BBC News. At this point, he was already earning and living his dream as a journalist before climbing the ranks to his current job at Nine News. Considering his appearance on TV, Jonathan enjoys his current role and is focused on updating his viewers with political trends and stories from the US.

Jonathan Kearsley Height & Weight

Jonathan is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall based on his appearance. He also has a moderate weight which makes him confident on TV and helps him connect with his viewers. Presumably, Jonathan has maintained a healthy lifestyle that makes him appear average in all his body measurements. Precise data on his weight will be updated shortly.


Is Jonathan Kearsley Married?/Children

Jonathan’s dating life is not available to the public, as his social media accounts are private. Also, he hasn’t mentioned his wife, family, or children to the public yet, but this article continues to investigate any incoming information about Jonathan. Keep reviewing our website, to get more updates on Jonathan’s marital life and other prominent journalists in the UK including Edward Godfrey.

Jonathan Kearsley’s Salary & Net Worth

According to sources, Australian journalists earn a yearly salary ranging between $60 and $70. Considering his rank and experience, Jonathan probably earns more than $70 at Nine News Network. For his entire career, he has probably accumulated more than $1 million in wealth inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Jonathan Kearsley Social Media

Twitter: @jekearsley

Instagram: jekearsley

Jonathan Kearsley Facts & Bio Summary

  • He is currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States where he serves Nine News as a correspondent.
  • He joined Nine News in 2011.
  • Made his journalism debut in 2009 at BBC News.
  • Proficient in Chinese and English languages.

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