John Ray of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Career, Wife & Children, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Not many journalists can match the experience of John Ray in the Media Industry. Having served the UK mainstream media for more than 30 years, and even winning awards, he is a prominent journalist who has lived his dream by serving on political and foreign affairs in the UK and abroad. Even with his age, he is still spirited and turns up for his ITV media role every day. Although he appears to be a private man, we have imparted every effort to expose John’s life beyond TV publicity.

Therefore, read through this entire article to explore John’s private life and career journey. In the article, we have also gathered the most reliable and accurate sources to inform you about John’s interesting life including his dating life, family, wife, age, net worth, and many more. Also, leave a comment at the end of the article to engage us with any queries regarding our articles.

John Ray Biography

John is an ITV senior correspondent and reporter, based in London. He acquired the role in 2019, after serving as a correspondent from various parts of the world including China, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  His role at ITV is mostly reporting on a wide range of stories from London and abroad. He joined ITN in 2003, as a senior political reporter but has climbed ranks through various roles to his current ITV reporter role.

Where is John Ray From?

John was born in Stockport in the UK but has traveled to different countries abroad for his media career. He was appointed as the first China correspondent in 2006, where he lived for 4 years, before moving to other regions where he served ITV including Asia, the Middle East, and the UK.


John Ray’s Age & Birthday

John is middle-aged, considering that he was already a recognized journalist for BBC Radio Devon in the 1990s. Despite his age, he is vibrant and portrays the energy of a young man on live camera. John has also accumulated massive success in his journalism career, a milestone that makes him senior to most of the ITV journalists today. His birthdays are not yet revealed to the public.

John Ray Career


John’s journalism career journey began at the University of Manchester where he studied politics. This course enabled him to acquire his first journalism role at BBC Radio Devon in 1990. Later, he served Sky News as a political correspondent for 3 years before moving to Westminster for ITN’s senior political role in 2003. Since then, John has served ITN from different regions including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and China.


As ITN’s correspondent, John has served in various roles including editor, reporter, and senior reporter. He has managed to maintain a high profile for many years due to his skills in broadcasting, news writing, breaking news, journalism and media production.  While in China, he received an Emmy and  BAFTA for ITN’s coverage of the 2008 Chinese earthquake. Also, in 2019 was recognized by the Association for International Broadcasting for his reporting on Ebola in Congo.

John Ray’s Wife & Children

John is happily married to his wife, but he has not revealed her details to the public. Most of the information about John’s family and personal life is not available from his social media platforms or our sources. Therefore, keep revisiting this article;e for new updates regarding John’s family details. As of now, he has two older children and a young boy, probably 4 years old or above.


John Ray’s Salary & Net Worth

ITV journalists in the UK earn approximately $32k per year based on our sources. With such a figure, John probably earns above $35k considering his extensive experience in ITN. Since his first journalism job in 1990, he has presumably accumulated more than $1 million in wealth inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

John Ray Social Media

Twitter: @johnrayitv

Linkedin: John Ray

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John Ray Facts & Bio Summary

  • He was born in Stockport and graduated with a BA in politics at the University of Manchester.
  • He was ITV’s first-ever China Correspondent.
  • Award winner for his coverage of the 2008 Chinese earthquake.
  • He has accumulated more than 30 years of journalism experience since 1990.
  • Began his media career at a young age while writing for a local newspaper.

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