Izabella Staskowski of 9 News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Heritage, Partner, Children, Parents & Siblings, Career, Height & Weight, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

For most female journalists, reaching the 60-year milestone is more like getting close to the end of a career journey. Izabella Staskowski however maintains the energy and confidence of a young girl despite celebrating her 60th birthday a few years ago at a colorful-themed party. She has an intriguing lifestyle beyond Channel 9 Newsroom which makes her admirable and an inspiration to many young girls in Australia and international mainstream media networks.

Who is Izabella Staskowski? Is she dating? Where is she from? Heritage? Body Measurement? Apart from responding to these frequently asked questions about Izabella, this article also gathers the most reliable and accurate sources to cover the personal and career life of Izabella, in and out of the Channel Nine Newsroom. Additionally, scroll through the entire article and leave a comment to engage with us on any unanswered questions about Izabella.

Izabella Staskowski Biography

Izabella is a journalist at Nine News Network, Australia. Currently, she reports and produces at the Today Show, based out of Melbourne. Iza joined 9 News, Australia in 2018, where she has worked in different roles including reporter and senior reporter in Gippsland. She is a reliable journalist and appears to report on most trending issues and topics from Melbourne. Some of her famous stories include Melbourne climate change protests, Magpies premiership glory, the 2023 Brownlow Medal, and many more news topics on Today Show.

Where is Izabella Staskowski From?

Is Iza Polish? Well, based on her name “Staskowski” Iza is Polish by heritage. Clearly, her parents were born in Poland before relocating to Australia. Our reliable sources as well reveal that she grew up in Melbourne where she has lived and worked for the entire part of her life alongside her parents and family. Therefore, she has an Australian nationality which makes her an Aussie.

Izabella Staskowski Age & Birthday

Izabella is 62 years old, an age that hardly resembles her beautiful and elegant young appearance. In her 60th birthday post on Instagram (December 19, 2021), many of her followers appeared to appreciate her young appearance despite turning 60. Iza celebrates her birthday on December 4 every calendar year. She is a party woman and enjoys celebrating birthdays in a party style with her closest friends and family.

Is Izabella Staskowski Married?

Izabella is in an intimate relationship with her long-time boyfriend Adam Hegarty. Adam is a colleague reporter at 9 News but serves the media network from Queensland. The couple often spends time together and have made their relationship public by sharing their happy moments on social media. Adam has also posted Iza on his Instagram timeline during her birthdays and other special occasions. Follow Adam @ajhegarty on Instagram to view some of their cozy and happy moments.


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Izabella Staskowski Children

Izabella is a Mum, an Aunt, and a stepmom to two girls and one boy. She is happy with her children and always celebrates her happy moments with her closest children on camera. Beyond work, she is a happy mum who always ensures good health, happiness, and joy for her family. Our sources have yet to disclose her parental relationship with her current boyfriend/husband Adam Hegarty. Keep reviewing our website for more updates in the future.

Izabella Staskowski Parents & Siblings

Izabella spends ample time with her parents. Their happiness and good times on camera speak a lot about her close relationship with both her parents. Her mother, Bozena, and father, Staskowski are happy parents who prefer using special occasions such as Christmas, graduations, and birthdays to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Izabella also grew up alongside her sister and brother.

Izabella Staskowski Wiki

Despite the massive challenges in journalism professional, Izabella is hardworking and passionate about her work. Throughout the many years of her journalism career, she has portrayed a good work ethic which is credited to her parents. She is also a reliable journalist who turns up to every trending issue in Melbourne. Her social media timelines also reveal that she has maintained a professional relationship with other of her colleagues at 9News Network.

Izabella Staskowski Career


Izabella’s experience in journalism is rooted in her past career opportunities and good education. After graduating from RMIT University on December 15, 2016, Iza acquired her first job as an intern in ABC. Later, she was employed at Sky News Australia as a guest Liaison. She acquired her first TV experience at WIN TV where she served as a journalist before moving to 9News, where she has worked as a reporter for more than 5 years.


Through her journalism career, Izabella has achieved significant experience that enables her to portray professionalism and competence in her Today Show. She has also mastered diverse skills such as broadcasting, storytelling, teamwork, management, public speaking, customer, service, television and many more. She is currently a more effective woman both at human and professional levels.

Izabella Staskowski Height & Weight

At her age, one of her intriguing physical features is her body size which shows she has maintained a healthy lifestyle. Sources reveal that Iza isĀ  5 feet 7 inches tall, a height that will be updated when she reveals her measurements in the future.

Izabella Staskowski Salary & Net Worth

Izabella earns an average salary ranging from $70,000 to $100,000 per year, a salary of Australian journalists based on our sources. With her vast experience, she has probably accumulated a wealth of more than $ 1 million, inclusive of houses, cars, and other assets. Also, get to know the wealth of UK journalists; Ellie Pitt of ITV News, London.

Izabella Staskowski Social Media

Instagram: @izastaskowski

Twitter: @IzaStaskowski

Izabella Staskowski Facts & Summary

  • She is of Polish origin.
  • Grew up in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Acquired her first TV job at WIN Television.
  • She is married to a colleague journalist.
  • She has an outgoing personality away from the Channel Nine Newsroom.

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