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Despite the financial hardships throughout her school life, Ellie Pitt still managed to become a top journalist at ITV News, one of the UK’s mainstream media networks. She can be viewed as one of the few journalists who has gained massive accomplishments by themselves without any financial or political connections. From such unfortunate circumstances, many people want to know how Ellie lives her life today, despite growing up with financial problems.

Therefore, this article explores the career journey and personal life of Ellie from her young age to the current self-accomplished young industrious woman.  Scroll through the entire article to understand how Ellie seized the opportunities of scholarship programs and financial aid to achieve her journalism dream.

Ellie Pitt Biography

Elenour Pitt, known to friends as Ellie is currently one of the most reliable and top journalists at ITV News, covering a range of stories from the UK. At a young age, Ellie always thought of becoming a journalist, but her financial problems almost halted her most precious dream. She was raised by her stepdad and hardly afford $9,000 for her tuition fee. Luckily, the BAFTA Scholarship program enabled her to raise the fee, which is the source of her career success today. Read through the next part of the article, to get answers to some of the most asked questions about Ellie’s personal life and career details.

Where is Ellie Pitt From?

Ellie was born and raised in the UK, a place that has significantly impacted her life as a journalist and a self-accomplished woman. Programs such as the BAFTA scheme are a few opportunities that make Ellie embrace and recognize Britain as not only her nationality but also her home. Ellie also studied in the UK and has worked in the UK for the entire part of her career.


How Old is Ellie Pitt?

Ellie is 32 years old, having been born in 1991. Her career success however exceeds her young age as she began her journalism dream at a young age. Based on her age, she is old enough to finance her bills and live a stable life like other top journalists in the mainstream media networks.

Ellie Pitt’s Parents & Family

Ellie lived with her mum, Penny Pitt, and stepdad, Dave Thomas until she began her University education. Both her mum and stepdad were supportive of her dreams, despite the financial difficulties in the family. Ellie also grew up with her 28-year-old half-brother, George Thomas, and 23-year-old half-sister Lucy Thomas. They lived as one family, despite the lack of biological link with the stepdad and other siblings in the homestead.

Ellie Pitt Career


Ellie completed her Master’s in Television journalism at the City, University of London. She worked through different media networks including BBC, Guardian, Sky, Made in Bristol TV, and ITN before achieving her current reporting role at ITV News. Her experience helped her to become a better and more confident journalist in her role as a full-time on-screen journalist.


Throughout her life and career journey, Ellie achieved tremendous accomplishments both as a journalist and a woman. One of her significant achievements is massive following both on social media and in real life which supplements her career. Also, Ellie lives a stable life and affords a luxurious living through her journalism job. She also supports her family through the fortune earned in her journalism career.


Ellie Pitt Wikipedia

Ellie’s personal life is intriguing to her fans and followers due to her life background. She has persevered through some difficult issues including financial instability to gain success as a prominent journalist. She is currently, a colleague to other top female journalists such as Yasmin Bodalbhai, a fellow journalist at ITV News. Apart from that, she is known to report stories on health and social issues for ITV Wales.

Ellie Pitt Partner

Ellie’s private life has hindered us from acquiring information regarding her dating life. Her career success is however evident that she surrounds herself with supportive people. Keep revisiting this site for Ellie’s relationship details.

Ellie Pitt’s Salary & Net Worth

At ITV, Ellie is privileged enough to earn a salary ranging from $50k to $90k, the average salary of a top journalist in ITV Network based on our sources. With her experience, she has probably accumulated a wealth of more than $1 million including cars, houses, and other properties.

Ellie Pitt’s Social Media

Twitter: @ElliePittTV

Ellie Pitt Facts & Summary

  • Ellie joined High School in 2002 and completed her University education at the City, University of London.
  • Ellie struggled to acquire her education due to financial problems but acquired a sponsorship through the BAFTA program.
  • Her diverse work experience made her a proponent and successful journalist at ITV News Network.
  • She is ITV’s top and most reliable journalist.

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