Edward Godfrey of 9 News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Career, Girlfriend, Parents, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Edward Godfrey rose to fame in 2023, after climbing the ranks from a presenter to a correspondent at 9 News Network. The Adelaide-raised journalist is currently at the top of his career, covering major breaking news and live reports worldwide. He appears warm and professional on live TV but has a mind-blowing personality outside the media publicity.

Therefore, this article digs deep into Edward’s private life and unveils his personal life journey. Also, the article reveals how Edward has lived his career and personal life since the death of his late Mum and Dad. Please read the entire article carefully to learn about Edward’s life journey without both parents, his girlfriend, career, wiki, family, age, and many more.

Edward Godfrey Biography

Edward, also known to friends as Edi is a foreign correspondent and presenter at 9 News Network. He joined the 9 News network in 2012 but achieved his current role as a correspondent in 2023. He covers news from Europe, the Middle East, and other regions including the latest Israel-Gaza war. Through his reporting skills, he is a  rising star at 9 News and probably one of the most followed reporters in the Australian mainstream media.

Where is Edward Godfrey From?

Edi is a proud South Australian and has deep connections with the community. He is currently based in London, but he has lived in Adelaide for the past years of his life. Originally, Edward is partially linked to Italian heritage through his family, who moved to Australia many years ago from Calabria, Italy.


Edward Godfrey Age & Birthday

Edward is 37 years old, having been born on February 26, 1986. In his childhood, he always loved playing with car toys alongside his Dad, the racing team principal. Until now, he has never quit his dream of becoming a Formula One driver and continues to be an F1 enthusiast in his 30s. Besides that, Edi celebrates his birthdays with his closest family and friends every calendar year on February 26.

Edward Godfrey Career/9 News

Edi joined 9 News network in 2012 as a reporter. in the early years, he presented the daily 5 PM news bulletin and became one of Adelaide’s leading on-the-road reporters before climbing the ranks to a correspondent. Currently, he is one of 9 News most reliable journalists, covering breaking news and other top stories from Europe, and the Middle East. As of now, he has covered major breaking news such as the Gaza-Israel war and the Morocco earthquake.

Is Edward Godfrey Married?

Edi has been dating his long-term girlfriend Rosie Barnette for the past few years. Considering his posts on Instagram, they are happy together and appear to plan for a longer time together in the future. Also, he never fails to celebrate Rosie on her special days including her birthday on May 13 every calendar year. On that short note, any further progress of their love affair will be updated shortly.

Edward Godfrey Wiki

As a correspondent, Edi is privileged to travel to different countries and cover the most trending stories on International media. He has portrayed professionalism in the past years, a trait that has enabled him to establish a good connection with the audience. Apart from that, Edi is an accomplished golfer and FI enthusiast.


Edward Godfrey Parents

Edi has lived for a memorable part of his life with his Mum and Dad until they died. He first lost his Mum, Ida in 2018 and later lost his Dad Trevor. From his social media posts, his mum was supportive and always encouraged him to follow his dream as well as his Dad who was also part of his journalism career success until he passed away. Edward never fails to share the sweet memories of his parents on his Instagram timeline regularly.

Edward Godfrey Salary & Net Worth

Australian journalists earn an estimated salary ranging from $95,500, based on our sources. His current role as correspondent might make him a top earner, earning about $100k per year, like other top Australian journalists such as Kate Creedon. Additionally, he has accumulated a net worth of more than $1 million for the many years of his journalism career inclusive of cars, houses and other assets.

Edward Godfrey Social Media

Instagram: edwardgodfrey_

Twitter: @EdwardGodfrey9

Facebook: Edward Godfrey

Edward Godfrey Facts & Bio Summary

  • Based in Adelaide and London, England
  • Reports from Europe, the Middle East, and London
  • Nine News correspondents since April 2023.
  • An accomplished golfer and F1 enthusiast since a young age.

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