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Considering the marginalization of South Asian communities in European football, Dharmesh Sheth is a role model by now. The boy who began with nothing but a dream is now a star in EPL football transfer talks. Remarkably, he has climbed the ranks of the mainstream media despite coming from a minority background. On that short note, his sports journalism journey must have greatly influenced his private life.

Therefore, read carefully through this article to get to know Sheth on a personal level. This article contains well-researched facts about Sheth’s personal life and discusses the many ways his career influences his life choices. Also, some other important details about Sheth in this article include Sheth’s age, Bio, Dating Life, Ethnicity, Net Worth, and many more.

Dharmesh Sheth Biography

Sheth is a reporter and presenter at Sky Sports News. He is one of the few Asian reporters who have made it in the UK Media industry and even acquired awards. Sheth also has a TV experience of more than 20 years, with the majority time spent at Sky Sports. On that note, he is Sky’s top journalist, reliable for transfer talks podcasts and reporting other sporting activities in English football.

Where is Dharmesh Sheth From?/Ethnicity

Sheth comes from South Asia, a region that defines his South Asian ethnic roots. Even so, his extensive work experience in London has enabled him to acquire British citizenship and even succeed in an English-dominated media industry. Currently, Sheth lives in London, UK, a place he has called home for the most memmorable part of his life.


Dharmesh Sheth Wiki

Despite graduating with an economics degree, Sheth never gave up on his sports passion. He surpassed all challenges including stereotyping, social gaps, and minor ethnicity to become a role model and a prominent sports journalist in the UK. In the transfer talk podcast, Sheth has established a big name by covering every seasonal transfer target in the Premier League’s top clubs.

Dharmesh Sheth Career Background/Sky Sports

Sheth gave his dream a shot and it paid off. Since a young age, Sheth has always been inspired to work in the sports industry as football was his passion. He studied Economics in School, but his passion for sports led him to a different path. In the early days of his sports journey, he wrote articles for various publications such as Match of the Day Magazine, The Sun Newspaper, and The Wall Street Journal. Today, Sheth has more than 20 years of work experience at Sky News Sports where he is one of the most successful South Asian reporters. in 2019, he won an award for the Asian Journalist of the Year for the first time

Dharmesh Sheth Age & Birthday

Sheth is middle-aged, probably in his 50s or 60s. At his age, Sheth is a  role model to the South Asian communities, who aspire to work in the sports industry. Also, he has done so much for himself and even built an outstanding reputation in the premier league football media. Revisit this article for precise birthdate, which is to be updated shortly.

Dharmesh Sheth Wife

Sheth may not have disclosed his wife to the public, but we are sure to update this information shortly. Sheth avoids publicity on matters regarding his private life, a personality that hinders us from revealing his wife’s details. As of now, he is presumably married, considering his cultural background which emphasizes on family values.


Dharmesh Sheth Parents

Sheth’s parents are probably from South Asia, a place of his ethnic background. He hasn’t mentioned or revealed them to the public but he is a product of a supportive family. His parents allowed him to follow his dream despite pursuing an economics degree at the University. Their precise details and social media will be updated shortly. Also, gets to explore the parental background of his colleague Mark McAdam at the Sky Sports News Channel.

Dharmesh Sheth’s Salary & Net Worth

According to sources, Sky Sports News journalists earn a salary ranging from $22k to $33k per year. From this data, we can estimate that Sheth earns around $60k per year considering his extensive experience and professionalism. In the more than 20 years of his journalism work, he has probably accumulated more than $ 1 million in wealth, inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Dharmesh Sheth Social Media

Instagram: skysports_sheth

Twitter: @skysports_sheth

Facebook: Dharmesh Sheth

Dharmesh Sheth Facts & Bio Summary

  • Serves Sky Sports in London, UK.
  • Graduated with an Economics Degree
  • Named Asian Sports Journalist of the Year in 2019.
  • Has an established South Asian ethnic background.
  • has gained more than 20 years of TV experience.

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