Chris Ship of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Age & Birthday, Origin, Career (Royal Editor), Wife & Family, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Whenever ITV is covering news about the royal households, Chris Ship has always been an integral part of the team. The British journalist appears to be enjoying his best TV career milestone at ITV, as his journalism role is mainly centered on royal stories, moments, and events. He is among the few mainstream media journalists who spend their media time following up on the British royals and covering any special events or ceremonies they attend.

In this case, Chris is a popular journalist in the entire world as the royal stories are global trends. His conversancy with the royal family makes people interested in not only his career but also his private life. Please read through the entire article, to explore every bit of Chris’s personal life including his experiences with the royals, dating life, family background, age, and many more.

Chris Ship Biography

Chris’s main role at ITV News is royal editor, which involves reporting on the British Royal households across TV and digital platforms. He acquired the opportunity in 2017, having served ITV News in various roles including political correspondent and deputy political editor. Currently, he is ITV’s most reliable royal reporter, appearing weekly on podcasts (The Royal Rota) and live TV.

Where is Chris Ship From?

Chris was raised in Southampton Hampshire but is currently based in the London area where he works. Also, his educational background at both Bellemoor School and the University of Sussex reveals that he has lived in the UK for the biggest part of his life. Such a UK-affiliated background and nationality are the key contributions to his flourishing media career as he reports royal stories from his nation.


Chris Ship Career/Royal Editor


After studying Media and French at the University of Sussex, Chris enrolled in his first media career job at BBC News in 1996. Later, he moved to Wave 105 Radio, where he worked as a reporter and newsreader.  In 1999, he progressed in his radio role at ITN before becoming an ITV News correspondent in 2000. Since then, Chris has served ITV News as a political correspondent at Westminster, political editor, and royal editor.


Chris appears to enjoy his current role at ITV News, which is likely one of his greatest career achievements. Every royal moment he edits at ITV News is significant to his career life. Also,  he hosts the Royal Rota podcast, where they talk about the British Royal Family. As a person, Chris has also portrayed massive growth in character and work ethic, traits that boost his behaviors amid the royals. Also, get to know Rachel Younger, reporter at ITV News.

Chris Ship Age & Birthday

Chris is middle-aged, approximately in his 60s based on his career milestone. Since his journalism debut in 1996, he has gathered adequate experience to make him a big name in ITV Media history. At his age, he is probably among the few ITV journalists who have attained the milestone of more than 24 years as senior reporters. His birthday will be revealed shortly.

Chris Ship’s Wife & Family

Although reporting on royal weddings is his media job, Chris hardly mentions his wedding to the public. As of now, his wife is lowkey and little is known about their love affair. However, Chris’s career success is likely influenced by a supportive family including his wife and children. Please revisit the article later, as we aim to update this information shortly.


Chris Ship Wiki

Chris’s main roles at ITV News include reporting on the British Royal Family and hosting the Royal Rota podcast. He is an accomplished journalist for ITV Media, having served the network for more than 24 years. In his previous years, he served other major media networks such as BBC News, Wave 105, and ITN. Some of his areas of expertise include Royals, Queen, Prince of Wales, William & Kate, Harry & Meghan, Duke & Duchess of Sussex, Royal History, and other royal stories.

Chris Ship Social Media


Twitter: @chrisshipitv

Facebook: Chris Ship

Chris Ship Salary & Net Worth

As the average ITV journalist earns approximately $56k to $104k based on our sources, Chris probably earns around $90k considering his extensive experience in the ITV media network. He has served the TV for more than 24 years, a span that has probably made him fairly rich. On that account, his net worth may range from $1 million and above inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Chris Ship Facts & Bio Summary

  • Raised in Southampton
  • He posts news, pictures, and stories about the Royal Family
  • Attained his media education at the University of Sussex.
  • Made his media debut in 1996 at BBC News.
  • Joined ITV News in 2000.
  • Proficient in French and English languages.
  • Weekly host at The Royal Rota Podcast.

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