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From BBC One to Radio 4 to ITV News, we are certain that Chris Choi has instilled enormous efforts to climb the ranks to a top and reliable journalist in the UK Mainstream Media. His time through the years may be significant to his career, but Choi’s greatest accolade is his current milestone as a consumer editor for ITV News. We tend to uncover his private life and reveal some of the most interesting facts about award-winner Chris Choi, beyond his journalism occupation.

In that case, this article incorporates adequate sources to unravel the private life of Mr. Choi. Also, this article aims to inform the audience of the most frequently asked queries about Choi despite his secretive personality. Engage us through a comment at the end of the article, about any dissatisfying remarks to help us achieve our goal for you.

Chris Choi Biography

Choi is a consumer affairs editor at ITV News. He acquired the media role in 1999, after many years of working in documentaries, investigations, and consumer TV. From an interview, consumer editor is his greatest job as he gets to advise customers and challenge companies over accountability. Also, he covers news on a wide range of topics which include economic, industrial, and social issues.

Where is Chris Choi From?

Choi comes from Leeds but lives in London,  a place that he has known and lived for the larger part of his life. Also, having acquired his education from Roundhay School and Nottingham University, we are certain that Choi is British by nationality. His fluent English on live TV also presumes his English roots and background.


Chris Choi Career


Since completing his education, Choi worked through different media roles to reach his current milestone in major TV networks. His first role in the media occurred in the early 1990s when he was an investigative reporter for BBC One. This experience earned him his first TV role as an investigative journalist on the largest white-collar crime in the world. Later in 1993, he directed and produced BBC One “Watchdog” program. He joined Radio 4 in 1997 and returned to BBC for his show before moving to ITV News in April 2000.


Choi has presumably achieved huge success in his life, but we highlight the ITV News role as a big achievement. This is because he enjoys his role as a consumer editor as he interacts with diverse people and also won an RTS award in 2016 for his reporting role there. Since his ITV News debut in 2000, Choi has also achieved an extensive experience that improves his legacy as an international journalist. We can sum up Choi’s achievements through award-winning purveyors of news, documentaries, Investigations, Watchdog, and The Useful Show on BBC One.

Chris Choi Age

Choi is middle-aged, probably in his 50s. He acquired his first job at 16 years old in a petrol station. His long working experience since then indicates that he is old enough to have accomplished massive success in his life. At his age, many reporters would be former, but he continues to appear on live TV regularly. in that case, we presume Choi still has many years to serve ITV News.

Chris Choi Wiki

Choi’s accolades are only viewed through his success as a journalist but he holds extensive history away from TV. At a young age, Choi opened up a car wash business that didn’t prosper due to a lack of customers. He later worked behind the till of a petro station, a role that helped him understand customers in a different aspect. This prior journalism experience is the root cause of his competence and effectiveness as a consumer editor at ITV News.


Chris Choi’s Wife & Family

Choi’s success is likely influenced by a supportive partner and family. He might have a wife and children but he maintains a private life that hinders us from uncovering his marital life. However, this article still aims to leave no stone unturned and will uncover this information shortly. Revisit our website for more updated information about Choi’s wife and family details.

Chris Choi Parents

Choi was raised in Leeds by his parents. in an article, he claims that he only had his stepdad and granddad as his customers in his first car wash business. Although his mother is not mentioned in our sources, we are certain that he had a supportive stepdad while growing up. His successful career journey is also evidence of an adequate support system from his parents and a larger family.

Chris Choi Height & Weight

Choi is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, based on an observation point of view. At his age, he has maintained a healthy body which reveals his healthy lifestyle. Many people of his age would be extremely weighty, but he is still fit to appear on our TVs regularly.

Chris Choi’s Salary & Net Worth

If the Sky’s best-known news presenter earns more than $400,000 per year based on our sources, Choi probably earns above half the salary. A reporter of his experience, is probably the highest-paid journalist at ITV, earning more than $300,000 per year in the past more than 20 years of his ITV News career. Since 2000, he might have accumulated more than 41 million net worth, inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Chris Choi Social Media

Twitter: @Chrisitv

LinkedIn: Chris Choi

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Chris Choi Facts & Bio Summary

  • Originally from Leeds but lives in London.
  • Grew up with an interest in the company’s accountability and consumer satisfaction.
  • Worked at BBC One, and Radio 4 and produced his own documentaries.
  • Has gained an experience of more than 20 years at ITV as a consumer editor.

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