Bronte Coy (Entertainment & Royal Reporter) Bio, Wiki, Origin, Age & Birthday, Partner, Children, Parents & Siblings, Career, Height & Weight, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

As amazing as she is, Bronte Coy is yet to show her best self in the future. The mother of one little boy has already achieved massive success at but still aims to progress her role in London, where she will focus extra on royals and international entertainment stories. Being the only top female entertainment reporter in the Australian and UK media industry, she has gained a massive following and even evoked huge interest in her private life.

Therefore, this article digs into Bronte’s personal life and reveals some of the most surprising facts about her personality and career. Read the article thoroughly to understand every aspect of Bronte’s personal life from Age, Wiki, Partner, Parents, Siblings, Net worth, and many more.

Bronte Coy Biography

Bronte is a senior entertainment and royal reporter at She joined the media network in 2016, having worked with other Australian media outlets such as Nova Entertainment, Channel 9, and Southern Cross Austereo in her past career years. Her current role at involves reporting on international entertainment stories and royal events. Apart from that, she contributes to various Radio, podcasts, and TV in the UK and Australia.

Where is Bronte Coy From?

Bronte is from New South Wales but moves back and forth between Australia and the UK. Her parents grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia.  Up to now, Bronte and the rest of her extended family occasionally visit their grandpa’s house in the Maroubra suburbs, which was built 60 years ago and has raised 5 generations including her Dad. In that case, she is Australian, considering the extensive history with the state of NSW.


Bronte Coy Age & Birthday

Currently, Bronte is 34 years old, having been born on July 30, 1989. At her age, she is quite successful due to climbing the ranks from a typical journalist to a senior reporter. She also works closely with the royals, an opportunity that has outstandingly influenced her career. Also, her birthdays in July every calendar year mark her progression in life since she was born up to date.

Bronte Coy Career


Bronte began her journalism career journey at the University of Wollongong in 2010. While at school, she worked casual shifts at a local ABC radio station before moving to Capital Radio Network, where she worked as a presenter. Between 2014 and 2016, Bronte served various media outlets including Southern Cross Austereo, Channel Nine, and Nova Entertainment, before making her breakthrough for a senior reporter role at in 2016.


Bronte is a reliable journalist, having gathered experience of more than 10 years from Australian media outlets. Apart from reporting on the royals and entertainment at, she is also a contributor to Radio, TV, and podcasts. Her diverse journalistic skills have also enabled her to appear regularly on major TV networks such as Sky News to cover stories related to royal households and international entertainment trends.

Bronte Coy Husband & Children

Bronte is married to her long-term fiancee Matt de Groot. They both tied the knot in a colorful wedding on March 22, 2019, at Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Retreat. Since then, Mr & Mrs de Groot have been blessed with a son, little Charlie, born at 6:45 pm on September 8, 2020. Considering their shared memories on Instagram, they are a happy family but any further progress of their love affair will be updated immediately from our website.


Bronte Coy’s Parents & Siblings

Bronte is close to her Dad Mr. Rod Coy, who is regularly posted on her Instagram timeline. Also, she has a sister, Claudia Coy, who is a content creator, podcast producer and editor. Considering their shared memories on Instagram, they are a happy and outgoing family that always enjoys spending time together.

Bronte Coy Height & Weight

Bronte is moderately tall at an approximate height measurement of 5 feet 7 inches. Her photos on Instagram also hint that she has maintained a healthy lifestyle through her curvy and medium body size. She may not reveal her precise body measurements to the public but she is average in every aspect of her body.

Bronte Coy Social Media

Twitter: @brontecoy

Instagram: brontecoy

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Bronte Coy Salary & Net Worth

The average salary of reporters in Australia ranges from $65k to $85k based on our sources. Hence, we can estimate Bronte to earn about $79k monthly, considering her extensive experience in the entertainment sector. Since she began her career in 2013, she might have probably accumulated more than $1 million net worth by now, including her cars, properties, traveling expenditures, and other assets.

Bronte Coy Facts & Bio Summary

  • She was born in New South Wales.
  • She is a senior entertainment reporter at since 2016.
  • She has been married to Matt de Groot since March 2019.
  • Contributor on TV (Sky News), Radio & Podcasts.

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