Alison Piotrowski of 9 News Bio, Wiki, Origin, Age & Birthday, Husband, Children, Parents, Height & Weight, Siblings, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Many people admire Alison Piotrowski’s effortless TV prowess, but they never know the intricate story behind her career achievements. The mother of one daughter has worked so hard to achieve her current success, like climbing her way from  DJ at Sidney’s independent radio station to a US Correspondent. On that short note, many people want to know Alison beyond TV and even explore her private life.

In that case, this article gathers the most recent and reliable sources, to reveal the private life of Alison. Please read through the article to understand how Alison lives her private life, and some other personal facts such as age, husband, family, parents, wiki, career, net worth, and many more.

Alison Piotrowski Biography

Alison is the current US Correspondent at 9 News, covering a wide range of stories from the United States grounds. Her extensive on-air experience in A Current Affair, Radio, and TV, has uplifted her as a well-known reporter globally. She became a US correspondent in 2021, having worked as a reporter for 9 years.

Where is Alison Piotrowski From?

Alison grew up in Toongabbie, in the Western suburbs of Sydney but moved to Los Angeles, CA in the US a few years ago, after acquiring her correspondent role. She always recognizes her Aussie roots despite living her best life in the United States.


Alison Piotrowski Age & Birthday

Alison is 40 years old in 2023, having been born on November 8, 1983. At her current age, she has gained extensive TV experience having completed her journalism education in 2005. Most of her greatest career milestones were achieved at 9 News, where she has worked for more than 14 years. Also, Aliso celebrates her birthdays in November every calendar year with family and closest friends. Scorpio is her zodiac sign.

Alison Piotrowski Career


Alison’s journalism dream began when she joined Macquarie University for a media course. Still at school, she acquired her first job as a DJ at the Sydney Independent Radio Station FBI before acquiring her major on-air TV role as an interviewer in 2011. She also worked for Radio 2UE as a producer at John Law, an experience that enabled her to climb the ranks from radio to TV. In 2009, she joined 9 News as a reporter and later moved to Los Angeles, California, United States, where she has served as a  US correspondent since 2021.


One of Alison’s greatest career achievements is serving 9 News as a correspondent. Through hard work, she has managed to climb the ranks to not only a top journalist but also a reliable member of Nine Entertainment news team. She covers a wide range of stories from the US including politics, crime and social affairs.

Alison Piotrowski Height & Weight

Alison is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She has not revealed her precise weight measurement to the public but by the look of her recent photos, she has maintained a healthy weight. She is moderately body-sized, an appearance that gives her much confidence while on air. Her accurate weight measurements will be updated shortly.


Alison Piotrowski Husband & Children

Alison is married to her 40-year-old husband, Liam O’Keeffe. They both tied the knot in a lavish wedding in New York City Jefferson Market Garden on May 4, 2017, after dating for a few years. The two are also blessed with a little girl, Frankie (Francesca O’Keeffe). Frankie is 5 years old and recently graduated from preschool. Based on their Instagram timeline, they are happy together and have enjoyed every bit of their love affair since they got engaged in 2016. Alison always recognizes her yearly anniversaries as special days in her life.

Alison Piotrowski Parents & Siblings

Alison is close to her parents, John Piotrowski and Sheryl Piotrowski. They were both present during her wedding which indicates their parental support towards their children. Also, we are not sure whether Alison has a sister, but she has a brother, Daniel Piotrowski, who is hardly available in her public life. Considering their Instagram posts, they are a happy family and always share happy moments like the Piotrowski’s.

Alison Piotrowski’s Salary & Net Worth

The salary of Channel Nine journalists ranges from $86k per year based on our sources. We can assume that Alison earns a slightly higher income, considering her ranks and experience as a Channel Nine journalist. Also, in the many years of her journalism career, she has probably accumulated a net worth of more than $ 1 million, inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Alison Piotrowski Social Media

Instagram: alipiotrowski

Twitter: @apiotrowski9

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Alison Piotrowski Facts & Bio Summary

  • Born and raised in Toongabbie in the Western suburbs of Sydney.
  • She is a 9 News US Correspondent based in Los Angeles since 2021.
  • Acquired her media education from the University of Macquarie.
  • She likes Caffeuinne, watching her favorite NBA team and stories when not working.
  • Married to Liam O’Keeffe from Straya.
  • She is currently 40 years old.

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