Aisha Zahid of ITV News Bio, Wiki, Origin, Partner, Parents, Age & Birthday, Career (Sky News), Religion, Height & Weight, Social Media, Salary & Net Worth.

Serving Sky News and ITV News in a successive span is quite an honorable milestone for Aisha Zahid. This young woman is so special that she has already been nominated for several awards at a young age. Further, many people ask questions about her private life because she shines in media, through her confidence and engaging live performances which are beyond compare. Does her career life influence her private life in any way? Is she dating? Does she have a family? If so, where is she from?

Well, these and many more questions about Aisha will be answered throughout the entire article. Hence, read the article carefully, to explore the private, public, and career life of Aisha in every aspect. Also, leave a comment at the end of the article to engage us with remarks regarding our work as we aim to publish more well-researched biographies.

Aisha Zahid Biography

Aisha is an ITV News reporter, covering a range of briefs for ITV News bulletins. Before that, she was a Sky News correspondent, where she covered a range of national and international news, stories, including breaking news, investigations, and original work. Aisha’s journalistic prowess is mostly influenced by her confidence in front of the camera.  Since joining ITV News in Jul 2023, she has already covered big stories including a doctors’ strike and a mass shooting in Lewiston.

Where is Aisha Zahid From? (Origin/Nationality)

Aisha is currently based in London, where she works as a full-time journalist. Her ethnic background is rooted in her native Punjabi, an official language for the Indian state of Punjab and some parts of Pakistan. She may also have a British nationality, considering that she speaks native English and has lived in Britain for a large part of her life. Based on our website, Aisha and Yasmin Bodalbhai, are just a few of the top multi-ethnic female reporters at ITV News. Another of Aisha’s languages is Urdu.


Aisha Zahid Career

Background/Sky News

Aisha’s career background begins at the University of Warwick and the Press Association, where she studied psychology and media courses respectively. Although she engaged in various media activities while at school, her proper journalism experience was at Sky News. She joined the media network in 2019 as a reporter but climbed the ranks to a correspondent in 2010. After 4 years of service to the Sky, Aisha became ITV’s latest employee in July 2023. Some of Aisha’s past media experiences include; being editor-in-chief at the Vocal Hub, editor at the Boar, and work experience at The Gurdian Newspaper.


One of Aisha’s great achievements is getting nominated for several awards while at Sky News. Another achievement is her current milestone as an ITV News reporter, which she has fought hard to achieve. Currently, Aisha is a top journalist, having served major media networks such as Sky News and ITV News for a consecutive span. This indicates that she has achieved worthwhile success in the past years of her career life and will continue to showcase her experience to ITV viewers until further notice.

Aisha Zahid’s Age & Birthday

Aisha appears to be in her late 20s, an age that suits her current achievement as a mainstream media reporter. At her age, many aspiring journalist are still finding their way to the media, but Aisha has already climbed the ranks to a top female reporter in some of the highly ranked media networks. She may not reveal her birthdays to the public, but she recently celebrated her end-of-four-year milestone at Sky News and new beginnings at ITV News through her social media post on July 2023.

Aisha Zahid Height & Weight

Aisha is approximately 5 feet 7 inches, based on her appearance on live camera. Body size and weight are other of her observable features but cannot be quantifiable in figures. As of now, she has maintained a healthy lifestyle that reveals her good shape and gives her confidence while on TV. Keep viewing our article for precise body measurements as we dig deeper into her private life.


Is Aisha Zahid Dating?

Aisha’s boyfriend is not known based on our sources. However, she is active on social media and will likely post her boyfriend or husband shortly. At the moment, she is focused on her new journey at ITV News and aims to deliver her services diligently without disruptions from her private life.

Aisha Zahid Wiki

Through her journalism journey, Aisha has maintained a professional work ethic and moral code. This is because she has zero negative remarks or bad reputation from her previous roles on Radio and TV Networks. ITV employed her for her passion and engaging personality which is clear in her daily live TV appearances. She is also suitable for the role due to her covering some biggest stories such as COVID-19, the Ukraine war, and the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Aisha Zahid Parents

Aisha has not mentioned her parents to the public, but her recent accomplishments are presumably linked to her parental support. She has achieved quite a lot for a young girl, which makes her parents likely big players in her accolades. Additionally, her parents are probably of Indian-Pakistan heritage due to her Punjabi and Urdu language proficiency.

Aisha Zahid Religion

Having originated from a Hindu-dominated country, Aisha is most likely non-Christian. Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed her religious beliefs to the public due to her secretive personality. As of now, we can only assume she believes in Indian-Pakistan religious practices due to her native language, which is Punjabi.

Aisha Zahid Salary & Net Worth

According to our sources, ITV journalists earn approximately $32k per year, which is likely the salary of Aisha. She might have earned a lower yearly salary at Sky News but she has accumulated a fair fortune in her many years of journalism career. As of now, we can account for her wealth to exceed $1 million inclusive of cars, houses, and other assets.

Aisha Zahid’s Social Media

Instagram: aishazahidtv

Twitter: @AishaZahid

Aisha Zahid Facts & Bio Summary

  • Reporter at ITV News, where she covers a range of briefs, for ITV News bulletins.
  • She speaks Punjabi (Native), English (Native), and Urdu languages.
  • Before ITV News, she served Sky News for 4 years.
  • Her work has seen her nominated for several awards

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